The Diamondaire

"Because Remember Gentlemen...Size Does Matter''

The Diamondaire website provides a small taste into the magic that happens within the store. On our site you can purchase fine sterling silver pieces and some marked down merchandise along with viewing some bridal jewelry styles. But if your building and engagement ring or have a special jewelry design, then you want to come in. Our bench jeweler is a dinosaur and all our employees are trained though the Gemological Institute of America. The staff has access to thousands of designs and loose diamonds to build your piece. Experience the fun of buying a diamond and let us show you how we find value.

The Diamondaire Guarantee

We strive to exceed your expectations with the promise that we are a dealer who stands for quality, service and customer satisfaction.

Quality Diamonds: Upon every purchase you will receive an appraisal, which guarantees the authenticity of your diamond and a guarantee of your diamond being from a conflict-free area. This includes the weight, the color, the cut and the clarity of your diamond.

Superior Service: Any maintenance of your jewelry purchased at The Diamondaire including ring sizing, re-tipping, prong repair, or stone tightening is free of charge. You will have peace of mind with NO gimmicks or warranties to keep track of or pay for.

Diamond Replacement: Any piece of fine diamond jewelry purchased at The Diamondaire will additionally be covered for diamond and gemstone replacement weighing 0.10ct or less, free of charge, for life. This will require NO additional warranty.

Trade-In: If you decide to trade-in a diamond purchased at The Diamondaire you will get every penny you paid for your diamond towards one of greater value. This applies to loose stones, diamond stud earrings, and tennis bracelets.

A message for Diamond-Mart customers: Although The Diamondaire is not obligated to honor service warranties and trade-ins previously covered under Diamond-Mart, we very much want you to come in and share in your future celebrations with The Diamondaire. So we will strive to accommodate Diamond-Mart customers in every way possible! In fact we offer private appointments during the week from 6PM – 7PM for instances in which regular store hours are not convenient, such as for our out of town customers. As a former customer of Diamond-Mart, you have the peace of mind of knowing that all labor covered previously under the St. Charles and Naperville Diamond-Mart locations will now be honored at The Diamondaire! All polishing, sizing and prong repair will still be covered for the life of your jewelry. The Diamondaire will also give you 100% credit of what was paid at Diamond-Mart, toward a purchase of greater value. This applies to loose stones, diamond stud earrings, and tennis bracelets.


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All the pieces on this page are available for next day delivery but if you would like  to view our made to order selection please

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