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Finger Print Patterns and Their Meanings

Like a naturally mined diamond, every finger print is different. So lets inspect those one of a kind digits!


A Pattern of Loops

Loops are the most common pattern found on fingertips, especially on the thumb. People with a lot of loops get along well with everyone. If you have them, you are very adaptable to new social situations and interested in everything and everyone. You like to talk to people and find out more about their interests and ideas, and can be a capable or charming leader as well.

However, you have to be careful to make sure you assert your personality in social situations. Also, a loop shows that you have very middle-of-the-road ideas in the area represented by the finger that the loop is found on.

There are two kinds of loops: Ulna loops are more common; they come in from the ulnar side of the hand (the outside, small-finger side) and point toward the thumb. Radial loops are more unusual, and they come in from the opposite direction, the thumb. People with these loops are still agreeable and enjoyable, but they are more likely to speak up for their own interests and stand out from the crowd than people with ulna loops.

A Whorl


People with whorls, which look like circles, have a strong will and are more controlling and individualistic than others, but they can also be uniquely dynamic and creative — in a “tortured genius” kind of way. They dislike doing anything the way others would like them to and conforming to a set standard. If you have a lot of whorls, this means that you may have many talents, and you are a decent and trustworthy person.

Whorls come in two varieties — spiral and concentric. Spiral whorls are in the shape of spirals, just as the name suggests. If you have these, you are likely adamant about your beliefs and will hold them faithfully throughout life. You like to be independent at work and you labor best when guided by yourself.

Whorls that form complete and unspiralled circles, which are known as concentric whorls, are unusual and can be usually found on the Apollo or Jupiter fingers or on the thumb. If you have concentric whorls, your attitudes are even stronger — you'd like to be running the world! Fortunately, that wouldn't be all that bad, because you are a responsible person, trustworthy to the extreme.

Moderate & Raised Arches


People with arches are hardworking, capable, and commonsensical, and they do not procrastinate when it comes to getting the job done — they can be trusted to follow through. They like knowing what they are getting into, and they are private and down to earth, but they can also have a very limited or narrow viewpoint.

A raised arch


Don't expect that the fingerprints of your family members will be very similar in pattern. No two people will have fingerprints that are exactly alike — not even identical twins!

Additionally, if your arches are raised, a rare condition with the center part sticking up fairly high around a “tent pole,” you are a little more likely to be enthusiastic and idealistic about your life and to let your feelings conquer your practical side.

In fact, if the arch is too high, you may be a little too emotionally sensitive, to the point of being nervous and jumpy, unlike the average down-to-earth arched personality. Tented arches are generally found in the fingerprints of emotionally insecure people, while simple arches are typically found in the fingerprints of easygoing folks.


 Personalized Finger Print Pendant made in Sterling SIlver

Personalized Finger Print Pendant made in Sterling SIlver

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