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"Because Remember Gentlemen...Size Does Matter''

The Diamondaire website provides a small taste into the magic that happens within the store. On our site you can purchase fine sterling silver pieces and some marked down merchandise along with viewing some bridal jewelry styles. But if your building and engagement ring or have a special jewelry design, then you want to come in. Our bench jeweler is a dinosaur and all our employees are trained though the Gemological Institute of America. The staff has access to thousands of designs and loose diamonds to build your piece. Experience the fun of buying a diamond and let us show you how we find value.

Why Shop Small? Especially for Diamonds and Jewelry

Diamonds are timelessly beautiful! The style, elegance and charm of diamonds are unmatched. They exude a sense of dazzling glitter and glam. Whether you love jewelry or not, it is impossible to ignore a sparkling diamond piece of art. Since ancient times, diamonds have been the most popular and sought after jewels. Every day thousands of people show off their prized possessions of diamonds and indulge in adding more and more beautiful pieces to their collection. Contrary to popular belief, it is not just women that are attracted to diamonds around the globe. Take for example - kings and queens throughout history – diamonds were a symbol of most royals. For centuries poetry has; above all other gemstones; articulated about these priceless jewels’. And today, thanks to technology more folks then ever before can afford and wear diamonds so their beauty and allure continues to grow.

While there are many large-box chain stores that manufacture diamond jewelry, a smart buyer will always approach an independent Diamond Jeweler. You may ask why, so here are a few of the many reasons to shop independent diamond jewelers.

  • Independent Jewelers pick their own diamonds and don't have to work with bulk or left over stock from a parent company. Thus each diamond is specially handpicked to match your needs and style.
  • Selling credit is not built into a small jeweler business model. Thus lower overhead cost for the retailer leads to a financial advantage to the buyer. IE lower price for better quality.
  •  Independent Jewelers offer a faster turnaround time for custom designs; thus providing more time and options.
  • In most cases, you do not have to purchase an additional warranty and bring your jewels in for inspections every 6 months because most independent jewelers guarantee their work and so maintenance is included in the cost of the jewelry. Thus saving you money effort and stress.
  • You have the option to customize your diamond jewelry and not just selecting from the existing designs.
  • You can maintain a personal relationship with your jeweler and better one to one communication can be established.
  • Over time, an independent jeweler gains more experience. Therefore they understand the specific taste and requirements of individual customers and are able to exceed expectations.
  • Independents thrive solely on their reputation so it is easy to research their history and value.
  • While these are just some of the many advantages for buyers, you will come across many more benefits working with a jeweler.

The Diamondaire is an independent loose Diamond jeweler, specialized in exquisite diamonds jewelry. From everyday wear to Bridal jewelry, The Diamondaire customizes pieces for many different taste and styles! Located in the heart of downtown Saint Charles Illinois, we have expanded our reach and extended our services. Our dynamic group of satisfied customers has helped us grow our reputation and reach thanks to their unique experiences and ideas. We make exclusive and customized fine jewelry that is high in quality and design. We take great pride in intricate craftsmanship and focus on detail. Each piece of jewelry is made with specially handpicked diamonds and jewels to match your exact needs. We believe in complete customer satisfaction and do not compromise quality. At The Diamondaire you will not need to worry about any hidden charges or fees. And although our quality is top notch, we spend time and effort to ensure your jewelry is made affordably and priced out fairly. And

As you see when entering our store we make rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, wedding bands, cufflinks, and chains. Jewellery is not something you buy every day and therefore it needs to be special. It is also not something you wear once and discard... It’s timeless and forever! We understand this and thus are dedicated to make timeless piece of jewellery that will be a prized possession forever. Wedding bands are significant and contain within them a lifetime of memories. Our range of wedding bands and bridal jewelry will not only make you stand out as a bride but will make heads turn whenever you adorn it. Being an independent jeweler we give personal attention to each customer.

We also started to offer a wider selection of fashion jewelry with gemstones, birthstones and semi precious stones. After all, all that glitter is not just gold!

While diamonds have been a favorite for centuries, we keep pace with the modern jewelry trends and designs. Whether you are looking for a diamond necklace for yourself or a piece of charming jewelry as a gift, you are sure to find something at The Diamondaire. Our collection is vast and we also customize according to your needs. So if there is a piece of jewelry that you have been imagining, or something special sitting in your jewelry box, we are happy to help you create or recreate a new piece for you.  With The Diamondaire you will get a larger better quality diamond for less. ~"Because Remember Gentlemen…Size Does Matter”

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All the pieces on this page are available for next day delivery but if you would like  to view our made to order selection please

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