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The Diamondaire website provides a small taste into the magic that happens within the store. On our site you can purchase fine sterling silver pieces and some marked down merchandise along with viewing some bridal jewelry styles. But if your building and engagement ring or have a special jewelry design, then you want to come in. Our bench jeweler is a dinosaur and all our employees are trained though the Gemological Institute of America. The staff has access to thousands of designs and loose diamonds to build your piece. Experience the fun of buying a diamond and let us show you how we find value.

All About Opals

In the world of opals, Australia is the supreme ruler. Exaggerating? I don’t think so. About 90% of gem quality opals come from the continents two opal-rich areas: Coober Pedy in South Australia, the world’s largest source of gem quality opals, and Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, home to the world’s largest known deposits of black opal. All of the famous opals shown below come from these sources.

An interesting fact about Coober Pedy

As a result of scorching summer temperatures, most homes, stores, and hotels get built underground and in caves called “dugouts.” Many tourists come for this unique experience.

Aurora Australis

In 1938, a miner discovered Aurora Australis at Lightning Ridge, New South Wales. Believed to be the world’s most valuable Black Opal, the miner dug it from an old sea bed, and it has the distinct impression of a starfish on its back. “Aurora Australis” displays dominant red, green and blue colors against a black background. It weighs 180 carats and measures 3 inches by 1.8 inches. Both its size and strong, vibrant colors make it rare. Australian opal specialists Altmann + Cherny purchased the opal in a semi-rough state, then cut and polished it. Seeing its full magnificence, they named it “Aurora Australis “after the bright southern lights in the night sky.” It is valued at $1,000,000.

Andamooka Opal or The Queen’s Opal

In 1954, the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth II visited Australia. The South Australian Government wanted to present Her Royal Highness with a gift to honor the occasion. They trusted Altmann + Cherny to find an Australian opal of exceptional beauty and quality. The famed jewelers selected the finest gem opal ever mined at the Andamooka Opal Fields, and John Altmann personally cut it into six stones and polished them. He chose five of them to create a necklace and earrings for the Queen and cuff links for HRH Prince Phillip. The necklace became known as the “Andamooka Opal.” In 2009, Claire Altmann visited Buckingham Palace. The jewelry was on display, so she had the opportunity to see the magnificent opals her father had worked on 55 years earlier. John Altmann always maintained it was the finest opal he had ever polished.

Black Prince Opal

Found in Lightning Ridge in1915, “The Black Prince” was originally called the “Harlequin Prince.” Weighing 181 carats, it has a flag pattern one side while the other side is red. A wealthy American serviceman bought it in England and donated it to the New York Museum of Natural History. Later, the “Black Prince” became part of the collection at Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery, Los Angeles.

Red Admiral Opal

Discovered during World War I near Lightning Ridge, the Red Admiral weighs 51 carats. Its extraordinary beauty features a dominant red pattern equally visible from all angles. Turned on its side, it resembles a Spanish dancer in a red ruffled dress. The opal has similar markings to a Red Admiral butterfly, and so received that name. In my opinion, the opal is more beautiful!

The Fire Queen

In 1906, an opal miner found the Fire Queen at the Angledool Diggings, near Lightning Ridge. The rare and remarkable stone weighs 6.5oz or about 900 carats, yet the miner had trouble finding a buyer because people didn’t understand the stone’s value. Eventually, he sold it for just $300. The Fire Queen changed hands several times and by 1928, it as in the gemstone collection of the Chicago Museum, valued at $80,000. In the 1940’s, J.D. Rockefeller bought the Fire Queen for $150,000 adding it to his prestigious family gem collection. Today, it is back in Australia. Its singular beauty with its high-domed the red and gold center opal makes it one of the most famous opals.

The Virgin Rainbow

 Photo Source

Photo Source

Considered one of the world’s most beautiful opals, The Virgin Rainbow is the opalized fossil of a long extinct belemnite, a water creature that lived 248 to 65 million years ago. The belemnite gives it a “pipe” shape. Weighing 72.65 carats, the Virgin Rainbow is 63.3mm long and has spectacular color. In September 2003, John Dunstan discovered it at Three Mile Fields, Coober Pedy.

Halley’s Comet

Halley’s Comet holds the Guinness Book of Records top spot as the world’s largest uncut black opal “nobby,” or uncut nodule. A group of opal miners known as the “Lunatic Hill Syndicate,” found the massive stone on the Leaning Tree Claim at Lightning Ridge. The discovery occurred around the time Halley’s Comet appeared in Australian skies. It weighs 1982.5 carats and measures 100 x 66 x 63 mm. Halley’s Comet was for sale in 2005 for AUD $1.2 million.

The Royal One


The miner who found this extraordinary stone goes by his first name only, Bobby. He was about to retire after 40 years of opal mining — he had even sold his tools! — when someone asked him to look through one last bucket of rough. And there it was: a blue glint among the rubble. He spent two years chipping away with a dental drill, removing the opal’s rocky husk. His efforts revealed a spectacular 306-carat gem quality opal, primarily blue with a vivid green that appears to float and flash across the surface.

Bobby held onto the Royal One for a total of 14 years, keeping its existence secret for fear of thieves. Finally, in 2013, he entrusted it to Katherine Jetter, a top Australian jewelry designer who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She specializes in Australian opal designs. It was for sale for $3 million, but I can find no record of its purchase. Any buyers reading this?

Need Opals?

We carry calibrated sizes of genuine white and fire opal. Black opal is scarce so we stock lab created stones. But if you want genuine black opal for a special gift, our Special Order Services can find it for you. Click here to check out some of our loose opal and opal Jewelry.

Authored by Elizabeth Raffel


Why Shop Small? Especially for Diamonds and Jewelry

Diamonds are timelessly beautiful! The style, elegance and charm of diamonds are unmatched. They exude a sense of dazzling glitter and glam. Whether you love jewelry or not, it is impossible to ignore a sparkling diamond piece of art. Since ancient times, diamonds have been the most popular and sought after jewels. Every day thousands of people show off their prized possessions of diamonds and indulge in adding more and more beautiful pieces to their collection. Contrary to popular belief, it is not just women that are attracted to diamonds around the globe. Take for example - kings and queens throughout history – diamonds were a symbol of most royals. For centuries poetry has; above all other gemstones; articulated about these priceless jewels’. And today, thanks to technology more folks then ever before can afford and wear diamonds so their beauty and allure continues to grow.

While there are many large-box chain stores that manufacture diamond jewelry, a smart buyer will always approach an independent Diamond Jeweler. You may ask why, so here are a few of the many reasons to shop independent diamond jewelers.

  • Independent Jewelers pick their own diamonds and don't have to work with bulk or left over stock from a parent company. Thus each diamond is specially handpicked to match your needs and style.
  • Selling credit is not built into a small jeweler business model. Thus lower overhead cost for the retailer leads to a financial advantage to the buyer. IE lower price for better quality.
  •  Independent Jewelers offer a faster turnaround time for custom designs; thus providing more time and options.
  • In most cases, you do not have to purchase an additional warranty and bring your jewels in for inspections every 6 months because most independent jewelers guarantee their work and so maintenance is included in the cost of the jewelry. Thus saving you money effort and stress.
  • You have the option to customize your diamond jewelry and not just selecting from the existing designs.
  • You can maintain a personal relationship with your jeweler and better one to one communication can be established.
  • Over time, an independent jeweler gains more experience. Therefore they understand the specific taste and requirements of individual customers and are able to exceed expectations.
  • Independents thrive solely on their reputation so it is easy to research their history and value.
  • While these are just some of the many advantages for buyers, you will come across many more benefits working with a jeweler.

The Diamondaire is an independent loose Diamond jeweler, specialized in exquisite diamonds jewelry. From everyday wear to Bridal jewelry, The Diamondaire customizes pieces for many different taste and styles! Located in the heart of downtown Saint Charles Illinois, we have expanded our reach and extended our services. Our dynamic group of satisfied customers has helped us grow our reputation and reach thanks to their unique experiences and ideas. We make exclusive and customized fine jewelry that is high in quality and design. We take great pride in intricate craftsmanship and focus on detail. Each piece of jewelry is made with specially handpicked diamonds and jewels to match your exact needs. We believe in complete customer satisfaction and do not compromise quality. At The Diamondaire you will not need to worry about any hidden charges or fees. And although our quality is top notch, we spend time and effort to ensure your jewelry is made affordably and priced out fairly. And

As you see when entering our store we make rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, wedding bands, cufflinks, and chains. Jewellery is not something you buy every day and therefore it needs to be special. It is also not something you wear once and discard... It’s timeless and forever! We understand this and thus are dedicated to make timeless piece of jewellery that will be a prized possession forever. Wedding bands are significant and contain within them a lifetime of memories. Our range of wedding bands and bridal jewelry will not only make you stand out as a bride but will make heads turn whenever you adorn it. Being an independent jeweler we give personal attention to each customer.

We also started to offer a wider selection of fashion jewelry with gemstones, birthstones and semi precious stones. After all, all that glitter is not just gold!

While diamonds have been a favorite for centuries, we keep pace with the modern jewelry trends and designs. Whether you are looking for a diamond necklace for yourself or a piece of charming jewelry as a gift, you are sure to find something at The Diamondaire. Our collection is vast and we also customize according to your needs. So if there is a piece of jewelry that you have been imagining, or something special sitting in your jewelry box, we are happy to help you create or recreate a new piece for you.  With The Diamondaire you will get a larger better quality diamond for less. ~"Because Remember Gentlemen…Size Does Matter”

Finger Print Patterns and Their Meanings

Like a naturally mined diamond, every finger print is different. So lets inspect those one of a kind digits!


A Pattern of Loops

Loops are the most common pattern found on fingertips, especially on the thumb. People with a lot of loops get along well with everyone. If you have them, you are very adaptable to new social situations and interested in everything and everyone. You like to talk to people and find out more about their interests and ideas, and can be a capable or charming leader as well.

However, you have to be careful to make sure you assert your personality in social situations. Also, a loop shows that you have very middle-of-the-road ideas in the area represented by the finger that the loop is found on.

There are two kinds of loops: Ulna loops are more common; they come in from the ulnar side of the hand (the outside, small-finger side) and point toward the thumb. Radial loops are more unusual, and they come in from the opposite direction, the thumb. People with these loops are still agreeable and enjoyable, but they are more likely to speak up for their own interests and stand out from the crowd than people with ulna loops.

A Whorl


People with whorls, which look like circles, have a strong will and are more controlling and individualistic than others, but they can also be uniquely dynamic and creative — in a “tortured genius” kind of way. They dislike doing anything the way others would like them to and conforming to a set standard. If you have a lot of whorls, this means that you may have many talents, and you are a decent and trustworthy person.

Whorls come in two varieties — spiral and concentric. Spiral whorls are in the shape of spirals, just as the name suggests. If you have these, you are likely adamant about your beliefs and will hold them faithfully throughout life. You like to be independent at work and you labor best when guided by yourself.

Whorls that form complete and unspiralled circles, which are known as concentric whorls, are unusual and can be usually found on the Apollo or Jupiter fingers or on the thumb. If you have concentric whorls, your attitudes are even stronger — you'd like to be running the world! Fortunately, that wouldn't be all that bad, because you are a responsible person, trustworthy to the extreme.

Moderate & Raised Arches


People with arches are hardworking, capable, and commonsensical, and they do not procrastinate when it comes to getting the job done — they can be trusted to follow through. They like knowing what they are getting into, and they are private and down to earth, but they can also have a very limited or narrow viewpoint.

A raised arch


Don't expect that the fingerprints of your family members will be very similar in pattern. No two people will have fingerprints that are exactly alike — not even identical twins!

Additionally, if your arches are raised, a rare condition with the center part sticking up fairly high around a “tent pole,” you are a little more likely to be enthusiastic and idealistic about your life and to let your feelings conquer your practical side.

In fact, if the arch is too high, you may be a little too emotionally sensitive, to the point of being nervous and jumpy, unlike the average down-to-earth arched personality. Tented arches are generally found in the fingerprints of emotionally insecure people, while simple arches are typically found in the fingerprints of easygoing folks.


 Personalized Finger Print Pendant made in Sterling SIlver

Personalized Finger Print Pendant made in Sterling SIlver

Call (630)355-7464(RING) for your own personalized pendant

Why Do Diamonds Cost More Then Water?

Besides enhancing your girls happiness, your sexual activity, and chances for reproduction what value do diamonds have on our survival? Nothing is more useful then water, yet it is monetarily so little in value compared to a diamond. We need diamonds to survive but we use diamonds to please.

Not to get all economic-y on you but there is a concept called marginal utility that explains this. Marginal utility is the amount of pleasure gained from the last unit of the commodity consumed. Drinkable water is everywhere, so therefore its abundant and we take it for granted because there are so many units of it. Diamonds though, are scarce. One extra diamond has a high marginal utility and so commands a much higher price than an extra cup of water. Diamonds are worth more than water because each one is extremely valuable no matter how many you have, while water becomes less valuable, per unit, as quantities increase. Also keep in mind that all diamonds are not pretty. Almost more then 95% of the diamonds that are mined don’t even make it to the market because their color and clarity are not up to par. NOW THATS SCARCE.

Q and A on Pearls


Happy Birthday June Babies! Here are some questions you may have about  pearls.

Q: Why are freshwater pearls so much less in price compared to Akoya and South Sea cultured?

A: One reason is that they are plentiful. Each mollusk can produce dozens of pearls, unlike some other types, which can only grow one pearl per shell.

Q: Why are their knots between each pearl on pearl strands?

A: Because if your pearls are knocking up against one another on the strand, then they'll lose that nice luster they have. You will also have less chances of losing ALL your pearls if the strand breaks.

Q: I have a strand of pearls that shows too much string: Can it be fixed?

A: For sure. Just ask me and I'll restring them.

Q: What's a Majorca "Pearl"?

A: A brand name for an imitation pearl manufactured in Majorca, Spain. They are glass beads covered in an iridescent material made from fish scales.

Q: Should a strand of Tahitian pearls be black to be valuable?

A: Although most think Tahitian pearls are black, most are grey. Some are green-grey, blue-grey, or even grayish purple known as "aubergine." Yellowish green to greenish yellow Tahitian pearls are sometimes called "pistachio" in the trade. These unusual colors are popular, either alone or mixed. What makes these pearls exceptional is their iridescent overtone that can be blue to green, yellowish green, or pink to purple. Dark green-gray to blue-gray Tahitian peals with pink to purple overtones are highly prized and known by the trade term "peacock."

Most of this info comes from the Gemological Institute of America, so if you need more go to



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